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At Snowy Hollow Siberian Cattery we raise only the highest quality kittens.  Our foundation cats and lines were all hand picked and imported from their homeland Russia to ensure the purest lines and to keep closet to what a "correct" Siberian is supposed to be.  Siberians are healthy and hearty cats and have soft luxuriously thick shiny semi-long coats and are considered the most hypoallergenic cat breed. Many allergy sufferers have found they can tolerate a Siberian due to its low allergen levels and can finally add a beautiful cat as a member of their family!
At Snowy Hollow Cattery we breed only traditional Siberians,  no color point or Neva.  All of my Siberian cats are dual registered with CFA and Tica.

Our kittens come to you full of Purrrrs and love and are up-to-date on all vaccines and wormings as well as litter box trained. Rest assured we produce not only some of the most loving, well socialized and beautiful babies but HEALTHY little fluffballs as well and therefore all kittens come with a 2-year health guarantee.

Please note that we will meet partway for local clients but can also ship worldwide via Pet Nanny for an additional shipping fee. All prices posted are for "Pet" only. If interested in "Breeding/Show" rights please contact me as I do not widely offer it but will take your request into consideration.

Thank you for visiting Snowy Hollow Siberians! Please visit our "Terms/Contract" page for more detailed information on our Siberians as well as the Siberian breed in general and please know that all questions are welcome! We are excited to help you find the right kitten to be the newest member of your family!
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Please Note:  All deposits are non-refundable
Siberian Cats
Siberians have beautiful yellow or green eyes, big strong bodies, fluffy tails and wonderful extremely loving "dog-like" temperaments. Some even liking to play Fetch! They are correctly described as a cross between a ballet dancer and a line backer doing many aerial flips and twists when playing but are very sensitive to and in tune with your feelings and moods giving you extra love and companionship when needed and giving you your space when it's not.

Our cats are of large size with impressive pedigrees packed full of Champions from some of the very best Russian show lines, excellent conformation, as well as GORGEOUS colors and patterns!
Siberian Kittens
Siberian Kittens